Pakistan's Afghan Policy: Predicaments, Challenges And The Way Forward

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Mairaj ul Hamid (Principal author) , Dr. Muhammad Ali , Sher Hassan , Mubarak Zeb , Muhammad Sadiq , Roshni Anwar , Dr. Aziz ur Rahman (Corresponding author)


This research paper explores Pakistan's Afghan policy in the context of the ongoing conflict and instability in Afghanistan. The paper analyzes the challenges and predicaments that Pakistan faces in relation to its Afghan policy, including issues related to security, refugees, and economic development. The paper argues that Pakistan faces significant challenges in its Afghan policy, including the threat of terrorism, border management issues, and the potential spillover of the conflict into Pakistan. It also highlights the role of regional powers and external actors, such as China and the US, in shaping the situation in Afghanistan. The paper also examines the regional and international dynamics that impact Pakistan's Afghan policy, including the role of neighboring countries and global powers. Through this analysis, the paper proposes possible ways forward for Pakistan's Afghan policy, including the need for a comprehensive strategy that addresses security, political, and economic concerns, as well as greater engagement with regional and international stakeholders to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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