Impact Of Tranformational Leadership On Teachers’ Job Satifaction In Secondary Schools Of Shahfaisal Town, Karachi

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Ishfaq Ahmed , Tehseen Anjum , Abdul Karim Suhag , Dr. Ali gul Bugti , Saima Amin , and Shahid Iqbal


Transformational Leadership is widely discussed area of leadership which has various aspects to influence job satisfaction of teachers under their control. The present study is speaking the principals’ transformational leadership style impact on teachers’ job satisfaction. Main objective of this study was to find out the impact of transformational Leadership on job satisfaction of teachers. Data was collected through questionnaire distribution from 50 teachers of 23 secondary schools of shahfaisal town, Karachi and results analyzed through SPSS version-25 with graphs. It was found that the hypothesis is rejected on basis of regression analysis and proved that there is significant impact of tranformational leadership on teachers’ job satifaction in secondary schools of shahfaisal town, karachi. On the basis of ANOVA results, the overall model is significant.It is recommended Government should initiate policy and training programs for teachers’ career productivity.

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