Managing Change Organizational Restructuring And Employee Trust And Job Satisfaction: An In-Depth Analysis

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Omairullah Khan, Saima Akhtar, Syed Shahid Zaheer Zaidi, Aamer M. Khan


The present study endeavors to examine the plausible correlation between an individual's degree of organizational trust and their level of job satisfaction, within the setting of the National Bank of Pakistan. This research delves into a more comprehensive examination of the impact of organizational culture on the variables under consideration. Trust and job satisfaction are widely recognized as crucial factors in the workplace, as they play a significant role in promoting the long-term stability of an organisation and the well-being of its members. The objective of this research is to equip organizations with the requisite understanding to evaluate their existing cultures and, if deemed essential, establish a milieu that promotes enhanced levels of employee trust and contentment. A study will be conducted to assess organizational trust across four distinct dimensions: openness/honesty, reliability, concern for employees, and identity, with the aim of examining their interrelationships. The results of this inquiry may provide significant perspectives for entities seeking to enhance their organizational environment and enhance employee self-assurance.

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