The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Transformational Leadership

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Dr. Ammad Zafar , Dr. Abdul Rahman Zaki , Dr. Sadaf Mustafa


This research set out to discover how emotional intelligence fits into transformational leadership. The study used a quantitative research approach and used an online poll to gather information from 300 people working for different firms. According to the findings, most firms (53.1%) have adopted transformational leadership, and even more (62.5%) have included emotional intelligence into their leadership strategies. A strong favorable association between emotional intelligence and transformative leadership was also discovered by the study. Emotional intelligence substantially predicts transformative leadership, according to the logistic regression study. According to the study's findings, emotional intelligence is a key component of transformational leadership and may increase leadership effectiveness. A limited sample size and the use of self-reported data, which is prone to response bias, are two of the study's shortcomings. To get past these restrictions, future study may think about adopting a bigger sample size and a variety of data gathering techniques. The study's conclusions do, however, have useful organizational implications, emphasizing the need of leaders' acquiring emotional intelligence abilities to promote transformational leadership and enhance organizational performance.

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