Factors Affecting Girls’ Education At Tertiary Level; A Case Study Of University Of Loralai

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Dr. Fazal Hayat , Dr. Shahji Ahmad , Dr. Imran Badshah


The study was to explore the factors that affecting girls’ education at tertiary level in Loralai. The study explores the cultural, financial, religious, parental, and academic factors that affect girls’ education at tertiary level. All the female students studying in the Department of Education at University of Loralai comprises population of the study. The number of female students were one hundred twenty-two. Out of the total population 50 female students were randomly selected from University of Loralai. A close ended questionnaire containing 20 items on Likert scale was used as a tool for gathering information on the extent of problems faced by female students at tertiary level which assessed and validated. Collected data were analyzed with the help of percentage. Findings of the study concluded that majority of the participants agreed that kitchen related responsibilities hinder girls’ education. Most of the subjects agreed that domestic chores impede girls’ education. Many students agreed that early education impede girls’ education. Greater number of the respondents agreed that threat to male dominancy impedes girls’ education. Most of the participant agreed that financial problems of parents hinder girls’ education. Most of the answerers agreed that expensive education hinder girls’ education. More of the subjects agreed that lack of educational facilities hinder girls’ education. Based on findings it was recommended that the parent might be guided that they encourage their daughters to manage kitchen and education in a balance way. The other members of family may help in domestic chores. The parents might take promise from the in-laws that their daughter will continue her education. The government may support girls financially in form of scholarships. School administration and parents both may provide enough facilities.

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