Effects Of Selected Profile Variables Upon Mood State: A Cross-Cultural Study Among Elite Athletes Of Pakistan

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Syed Asif Abbas , Muhammad Imran Khan , Muhammad Nawaz , Neelum Shehzadi , Sidra Nosheen Fatima , Mryam Fazal


This study was conducted to examine the effects of selected profile variables upon mood state among Pakistani elite athletes. Quantitative research method was adopted in the study. A total of (1463) Likert Type of questionnaires were administered to elite athletes, however; 1430 valid and dully filled questionnaires with (97.74%) were used in the data analysis. The responses were properly tabulated and analyzed with the help computer software Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), version 26. A significant level of 0.05 was set to accept or reject the hypotheses. Findings of the study indicated no gender-based difference was found in POMS (p > 0.05), however; statistical significant differences were measured on POMS based on formats of sport(P < 0.05), level of sport’s participation (P < 0.05), coaching styles of athletes(P < 0.05), sport experience(P < 0.05), playing environment(P < 0.05), racial group(P < 0.05) and the game they participated in (p< 0.05). More research and innovation are required to maintain our health while still supporting the health needs of the people of the country in general and particular among the youth.  

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