Social And Political Conditions Of Slum Dwellers

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Dr. Mir Waheed Akhlaq , Zeeshan Saif Chadhar , Dr. Jafar Riaz Kataria


Slums are among the most deprived communities in society. They live in insubstantial houses on insecure land. Their houses generally have no proper system of sanitation and no clean drinking water. My study explores under which socio-political conditions slum dwellers are living. In this research quantitative approach was used with close ended questions. Two communities were selected i-e Bhutto colony and juggie community.

SPSS17 was used for the interpretation of this data. The data was analyzed by using cross-tabulation.

This research will be useful for the developmental and policy-making departments of government,

NGOs, and academia. It will provide original findings and promote further research an important area as slum communities represent a sizable number of voting constituents, typically marginalized by political agencies.

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