The Efficacy Of The Phonics Method Vis A Vis The Drilling Method For Teaching Spelling In The Pakistani Context

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Sajda Jabeen , Dr. Amer Akhtar , Dr. Hashim Khan


The research The Efficacy of the Phonics Method vis a vis the Drilling Method for Teaching Spelling in the Pakistani Context looks at the two methods used - the drilling method and phonics method - to learn spellings of words in English language from two different schools. The research takes the International Phonetic Alphabet chart as a standard to check the second graders’ ability to link the spellings of words against how they are pronounced, and using quantitative analysis for checking the spelling tests conducted. The test results from both schools, when compared, showed that there was not much of a difference between the results, therefore, showing that both, phonics and drilling, are producing below average spellers. It also contradicts the claim of the phonics proponents that it is a better way of teaching spellings. The conclusion sums up the results and also points out some guidelines for making the choice between the phonics and the drilling methods in addition to indicating how the future researchers may carry out their research in the related field.

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