Investigation Of Physical And Psychosocial Environment Of Government Schools: Measuring Of Students’ Supportive Learning

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Bakht Jamal , Muhammad Iqbal , Safeer Ijaz , Sultan Akbar Shah , Muhammad Mujtaba Haider


Physical and psychosocial elements of schools contribute to the students learning. The study focused on the investigation of the physical and psychosocial environment of government schools. A multistage sampling technique was adopted in the selection of forty schools from four districts of Punjab and eight hundred and five (805) students of the IX and X grades were the sample of the study. A self-developed questionnaire was used as a research tool. Validation of the tool was established in the light of experts’ opinions. Reliability was measured through Cronbach Alpha and its value was found 0.83. To analyze the data, descriptive statistics were applied i.e. mean score and standard deviation. It was found a positive student-teacher relation to some extent, teachers assign a lot of homework, schools have sufficient facilities but students feel psychologically and physically unsafe, and the using of facilities is not up to the mark.

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