Education And Empowerment: Study Of Sudha Koul's Memoir The Tiger Ladies

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Dr.Sundus Quyoom


Women across the globe are often considered as a secondary sex whose main objective in life is to serve their husbands. The society has developed a stereotypical image of women whose lives are mostly bounded within four walls of the house. This thinking is prevalent in almost all parts of India as well and thus women education becomes a taboo here. This present work will focus on the gender sensitization and women education in the region of Kashmir, India with special reference to a memoir The Tiger Ladies by Sudha Koul. Koul through this book traces her journey in Kashmir where she struggles a lot but finally emancipates herself by becoming the first lady I.A.S officer from Jammu and Kashmir. Koul's book is an inspirational book which helps to motivate young girls to achieve their goals by focusing on their career rather than marriage only.  It also develops a positive attitude which can be used to change the behaviour of society and especially the family towards women education.

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