A Suggested Accounting Model To Treat The Effects Of Natural Disasters On Saudi Companies

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Maher Diab Abulaila , Mohammad Awni Mahmoud , Saham Alismail , Abdallah Ammar Hendaoui , Alaa Fathi Soliman , Abeer Atallah Aloudat , Andaleeb Qasim Almomany , Samir Abdulwahab Jaradat , Sara Samir Jaradat and Mohammed Abuelaila Ali Baraka


The research aimed to identify the most important accounting treatments for business organizations for natural disasters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire was used as a method for collecting data from companies and business organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The research came out with a set of results, perhaps the most important of which is that companies and business organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have a framework to help identify the effects caused by natural disasters, and there are systems and processes within the framework that are sufficiently documented. In addition, these organizations have developed the minimum information required for working papers to review the impacts of natural disasters. There is also a weak trend towards the impact of natural disasters on the accounting treatments of the receivables and loans item. While business organizations in the Kingdom have an accounting system that takes into account property, machinery, equipment and intangible assets. The researchers recommended the need to develop a disaster recovery plan that includes a framework for preparing financial reports and accounting treatments for natural disasters.

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