A Perspective Of General Education Teachers And Special Education Teachers: Inclusive Education In Pakistan

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Kousar Shaikh , Sadia Abdul Ghaffar , Abid Ali Ujjan , Ajab Ali Lashari


This paper aimed to explore the perception of both special and general education teachers about inclusive education. The population of the study included teachers belonging from general and special education schools of Karachi. The sample size was 529 teachers out of which 244 were general education teachers and 245 were special education teachers. Questionnaire was adapted for collecting data using random sampling technique. In this paper teacher’s perception was explored among different demographics i.e., gender and type of teacher etc. The current study was based on two hypotheses that were, H1=There is no significance difference in the perception of General and special education teachers about inclusive education. H2= There is no significance difference in the perception of male and female teachers regarding inclusive education. The results show that both the hypotheses were not rejected. The study's findings will be useful to decision-makers in developing various inclusion policies and ensuring their effective implementation for improving social development and good quality of human being.

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