The Role Of Constructive Use Of Language In Advancing A Peaceful And Inclusive Society “A Critical Analysis In The Light Of Islamic Principles For Constructive Use Of Language In Pakistani Society”

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Dr. Muhammad Faisal , Dr. Raja Majid Moazzam , Dr. Tahir Aslam , Dr. Muhammad Imran , Ruqayya Akhthar , Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab Saeed


This Research paper explores the importance of constructive use of language on social forums and its impacts on social inclusiveness. And also discusses the multiple ways of language use focusing on its negative and positive aspects and their impact to reduce the conflict for the sack of social peace. This research paper analyzes that how the use of language affects security and stability in different Pakistani social forums like religion, politics, media and social organizations etc. Moreover the paper discusses that how the Positive use of language can contribute in the building of peaceful and inclusive Pakistani society. Finally the study would provide recommendations, strategies and some appropriate solutions that may be used to make our country more prosperous and peaceful.

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