Key Position Achievements By Female Academics In Higher Educational Institutions: A Case Study Of The Private Universities Of Karachi

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Atta Hussain Soomro , Abdul Samad Shaikh , Prof Dr Sajida Parveen , Sher Muhammad Jalbani , Mohsin Ali Qazi , Rizwan Khan


This study is all about the female academics, their experiences and perceived hurdles in their way reaching leadership positions in faculty and administrative positions in universities. Intersectionality approach was used for theoretical framework that expressed gender, ethnicity and socioeconomics issues that discussed in the literature as to avoid the generalization. Face to face interviews were conducted as to explore the barriers perceived by the female academics in their way to advance leadership position in academia. Hence, the study explored the journey of three female academics who reached their leadership positions like, head of department, president and director level respectively at ZABIST University Karachi, Hamdard University Karachi & PAF KIET University Karachi.

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