Psychological Analysis Of Civilization And Culture In Ahsan Farooqi's Novels

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Dr.Muhammad Rahman , Dr.Nusrat Jabeen , Dr.Asima , Dr.Shazia Andleeb , Dr.Mutahir Shah , Dr.Hasnain Khan Swati , Dr. Mohammad Ismail , Syed Azwar Abbas , Dr.Wajid Ali , Dr.Sadaf Fatima


Muhammad Ahsan Farooqi is the best novelist of Urdu Fiction . Among the novels written by him are "Sham-e-awadh" (1948), "Rah Wa Rasam-e-Ashnai" (1949), "Sangam" (1961) and a series of five novels ("Aablah Dil Ka", "Sang-e-Gran Aour", He wrote "Ye Wahi Bahareen To Nahen", "Rukhsat Aey Zindaan" and "Taaza Bastiyan"). Besides, he wrote "Adabi Takhleeq aour Novel", "Urdu Novel ki anqeedi Tareekh" on the art, history and technique of the novel. "Novel Kya Hai", "Tareekh-e-Adab e angreezi" and "Farib-e-Nazar" also written by him. Along with this, he also wrote a novel on his personal life "Dil Ke Ayenay Mein" which began to be published in episodes every month in "Seep" Karachi. His most important novels are "Sham-e-Awadh" and "Sangam". Ahsan Farooqui gained popularity due to these two novels . Ahsan Farooqi’s novels are the most important in terms of civilization. This article will discuss this aspect of his novels.

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