Teachers Perceptions And Beliefs About Use Of Activity Based Teaching At Secondary Level

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Prof. Dr. Farida Azim Lodhi , Aisha Bano , Saba Shakeel


Activity based teaching method is used for enhancing students’ learning through their active participation in classroom activities in accordance with 21st century technological innovative changes. Aim of the study was to explore teachers’ perceptions about use of activity based teaching in the educational context at secondary level. The study was descriptive type survey in nature, so questionnaire was used to collect data.  All (3781) teachers teaching secondary classes in total (185) public secondary schools of Hyderabad division were comprised population of the study. Through random sampling technique, 220 teachers were selected from 44 schools as sample of study. Data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics such as frequency scores, percentages, standard deviation and Chi-Square. It was found that brain storming, problem solving, project method; class room experiments help students to improve their learning. It was recommended that activity based teaching may be adapted in classrooms for effective teaching learning process.

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