Influence Of Psychology Empowerment On Organizational Citizenship Behavior And The Mediating Role Of Three Dimensions Of Organizational Justice

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Fahad Ejaz Khan , Muhammad Kamran Rafiq , Syed Muhammad Junaid , Usman Ghani , Asif Uddin


Purpose- This study aims to examine the Influence of psychology empowerment on organizational citizenship behavior and the mediating role of three dimensions of organizational justice. It proposes the importance of psychology empowerment in an organization. Further expands the association of psychology empowerment in relation with organizational citizenship behavior in terms of human resource management strategies. 

Design/methodology/approach – The paper opted for an exploratory study, using a sample of 220 employees of diverse occupations of corporate sector of Karachi, Pakistan, employing a mediation model by way of structural equation modeling, on the relationship between psychology empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior with mediating impact of three dimensions of organizational justice

Findings – The findings of current study recommended, psychology empowerment envisages organizational citizenship behavior has positive impact on distributive justice, interactional justice positively impact organizational citizenship behavior and procedural justice did not support organizational citizenship behavior. However, the mediation role of distributive justice and interactional justice is a robust predictor of organizational citizenship behavior, psychology empowerment; procedural justice did not arbitrate the association amongst psychology empowerment, organizational citizenship behavior.

Research limitations/implications – The research results may lack generalizability. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to test the proposed propositions further.

Practical implications – The paper includes implications for the development of a psychology empowerment, need to apply by managers to get the benefit in an organization

Originality/value – This paper fulfills an identified need to study how psychology empowerment can be enabled.

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