Influence Of Motivation On Academic Performance: Elementary School Students’ Perspective

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Dr. Qudsia Fatima


Motivation at classroom level is considered necessary to achieve specific goals and objectives of education. This study investigated the differences of motivational strategies on the academic performance of elementary school students. The purpose of this research is to explore the differences between motivation levels of male and female students to see the outcome on achievement. The main premise of this article is that how much motivation basically depends on the goal achievement. Survey research design with random sampling technique was employed to collect data. Questionnaire was used to collect the data from students of eight public schools in the Lahore city. These findings suggest that teachers should do planning while implementing motivational strategies that focus on improving students’ performance. Furthermore, the study highlights the importance of a supportive learning environment in promoting students’ achievement. The study provides valuable insights associated with motivation and students’ performance among and highlights the need for further research to explore the impact of other motivational factors. There is need to motivate students by providing more rewards, encouragement to perform better, and provision of daily agenda to give more clarity. They should also be given more encouragement for using resources and material that would help to achieve goal and teachers personal attire that will lead to positive behavior of students.

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