Work Ethics In Action: Investigating The Impact On Organizational Citizenship Behavior With The Moderating Role Of Perceived Fairness

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Obaid Ur Rehman , Dr. Faisal Sheraz (Corresponding Author) , Abdus Salam , Shah Hussain Awan , Muhammad Imran Khan


This study investigated the impact of work ethics on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) with the moderating role of perceived fairness. In this study, data was collected from 196 employees from five Islamic banks in Peshawar through a survey questionnaire and conducted descriptive, correlation, and regression analyses. The findings suggested a moderate level of work ethics, high level of perceived fairness, and a relatively high level of OCB among the employees. The results indicate a positive and significant relationship between work ethics and OCB, organizational citizenship behavior and perceived fairness, and a positive but weak correlation between work ethics and perceived fairness. The results of the moderation analysis show that Perceived Fairness moderates the relationship between Work Ethics and Organizational Citizen Behavior.  The study highlights the importance of work ethics and perceived fairness in promoting OCB in the Islamic banking sector and adds to the literature on organizational behavior. Based on these findings, the study recommended that organizations should promote work ethics and fairness in order to foster a culture of OCB among employees.

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