A Study To Measure The Effectiveness Of Teacher Training Progress On Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) In Baluchistan: Using Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

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Syed Hizbullah Shah , Jameel Ahmed Quresh , Asia Kazi


The purpose of this research was to analyse the progress that teachers in Baluchistan, Pakistan had made in their training for the Accelerated Learning programme (ALP). The current research was conducted using Kirkpatrick's evaluative model. The researcher conducted survey with a total of 305 trainee teachers who participated in the ALP. The purpose of survey was to gain an understanding of how the participants felt the programme affected their teaching methods as well as the learning outcomes of their students. After the training, the majority of the trainee teachers claimed that they had seen an increase in both their teaching and communication abilities. This was determined by an examination of the collected data. The study found that the program had a positive impact on the teachers, and that it improved their teaching skills. The program also helped the teachers to better understand the needs of their students. The findings of this study can help school authorities in designing appropriate teacher training programs from improving their teaching and learning practices. The study of teachers' training progress on the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Baluchistan analytically evaluating the teachers training progress to know the goals of programme impact on student academic achievement. The study found that the teachers had a positive reaction to the training, and that they learned the content and were able to apply it in their classrooms. The study also found that the ALP had a positive impact on student achievement. Government should continue these type of program as teachers’ continuous professional development.

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