Girl’s Education In Balochistan: Role Of Public Awareness Campaign

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Shahla Tabassum , Sahira Zaman , Iqra Waheed , Shoaib Akhtar


Education is a constitutional right of every citizen of Pakistan. The 46% of people aged 10 and above are literate in Balochistan which is lower in rest of the regions of Pakistan. The girls’ education in Balochistan is even worst. International Rescue Committee (IRC) identified 29000 girls in targeted districts of Balochistan to teach and educated adolescent girls with community help (TEACH). The study find out the public awareness campaign effectiveness for increasing girls’ education in these areas. Survey research design was used to assess the campaign effectiveness with non-probability sampling technique to select sample size and 616 participants both male and female participated in the study. The findings revealed the campaign was 77% successful. At the awareness-raising level, 92% of people were aware of the key message about girls’ education and 40% of people have become actively engaged as a result of meetings with the village support committee and tea/coffee gatherings with male community members. In terms of changing behaviors, 85% of people self-reported changing their behavior, and in terms of changing social norms, 73% of people self-reported changing social norms, particularly in relation to early marriages the state of well-being 33% of people both male and female reported attending community meetings to press governmental decision-makers to act in their communities’ best interests, particularly in relation to girls’ education.

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