Role Of Iron Polymaltose Complex (Ipc) On Strength Of Powerlifters In Pakistan

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Muhammad Abdul Jabar Adnan , Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt , Yasmeen Tabassum , Sumera Sattar , Alamgir Khan , Hurria Hussein , Kulsoom Najam , Sehab Afzal , Usman Umer , Yasir Iqbal , Nosheen Arif , Muhammad Arslan Khalid


Aims of the Research

Aims and Objectives of this study were to check the difference in the effect of blood haemoglobin levels (g/dL) of the experimental group with the control group through Pre-test Post-test analysis and to check the difference of improvement in best powerlifting score (Kgs) of the experimental group with the control group of powerlifting players through Pre-test Post-test analysis by the supplementation of Iron Polymaltose Complex (IPC).


Elite class male powerlifters (n=200) of age between 22 - 26 years and with body weights from 74 to 105kg (As the majority of Pakistani Powerlifters fall in these body weights) were selected from different weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding clubs of Pakistan using convenience sampling. The experimental research design of pre-test, post-test (Mid-term), and post-test (Final Term) was used to measure the effect of Iron Polymaltose Complex (IPC).  

Findings and Conclusion

There was significant increase in average blood hemoglobin level (2.43g/dL) (Sig. .000) of experimental group in comparison to control group with an increase in average best powerlifting score (31.70 Kgs) (Sig. .000) of powerlifters of experimental group in comparison to control group Post-Test (Mid-Term) to Post-test (Final-Term).

Study Implications

As this is the novel study i.e. first time done in Pakistan is a great source of information for Players, Coaches and Officials not only of Powerlifting but also for other strength sports for development of their strength by the use of Iron Polymaltose Complex (IPC) to perform well in their respective sports.

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