The Role Of Social Media In Electioneering: A Study Of 2018 General Elections In The District Peshawar

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Hadia Siraj , Dr. Khan Faqir


The study's goal is to show how social media affected the 2018 General Elections in Peshawar. The influencing function has the potential to support or undermine a phenomenon, giving it both positive and negative characteristics. Therefore, the focus of this study was on how social media helped to highlight the consequences of the 2018 General Elections. The use of social media during the 2018 General Elections in the District of Peshawar was examined using a survey method. Both the “Agenda Setting Theory” and the “Cultivation Theory” are the foundations of the study. SPSS software is used to examine the data using a quantitative technique. The 2018 General Elections and social media have a significant association, according to analyses using correlation, regression, ANOVA, t-test, f-value, and coefficients. Because these were the first general elections in the nation where social media was heavily used by both the candidates and the electorate, it is therefore determined that social media had a significant impact on the 2018 General Elections in the District of Peshawar. Social media emerged as the most effective instrument for the 2018 General Elections in the District Peshawar, despite the fact that there are other elements that affect voters' choices.

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