Nature Of 21st Century’s Global Conflicts Under The Global Powers’ Geoeconomic Strategies And Islamic Ideology For Peace

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Dr. Muhammad Bahar Khan , Saad Jaffar , Dr. Imran Naseem , Dr. Muhammad Waseem Mukhtar , Waqar Ahmed


The 21st century has brought with it a multitude of challenges such as food shortage, economic instability, social unrest, cultural changes, political uncertainty, and intense global competition. However, the gravest issue facing humanity is the shortage of water, which has led to regional and global power struggles and even water wars. In this century, territorial expansion has been replaced by new monopolistic strategies that have altered political and economic directions and preferences, with emerging global or superpowers holding new global-sized trade visions. Deforestation is the second most significant global issue, leading to the degradation of human and biodiversity life and the transformation of greenery into desertification. This research article aims to discuss the nature of global conflicts in the 21st century and their resolution, taking into account the global powers' preferences and Islamic ideology for universal peace. The article explores the complex entanglements between national assets, national power, and anti-power in resolving these global challenges.

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