Muslims Under Sikh Rules During 19th Century: A Study Of Punjab Till Annexation

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Sadaf Butt , Saad Jaffar , Dr. Muhammad Waseem Mukhtar , Waqar Ahmed , Dr. Babar Khan Jadoon , Badshah khan


The Muslims of Punjab remained under Sikh Rule for almost thirty-five years, during the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Muslims were not only appointed on higher positions but they had also a great influence on the religious and political affairs of the state. After the death of Ranjit, all the successors could not be able to run the empire like him which created a turmoil situation to invite the British to come across the border of Sutlej to annex the Punjab. British always wanted to annex to the entire area of Punjab, that way was provided by untrained Sikh rulers, who couldn’t be able to handle the situation of a Punjab or to save it from any external or internal aggression. East India company and Sikh had fought two battles, resultantly, the British had completely occupied the Punjab and used it as not only for army ground but also as the Buffer zone. These wars also put impact on the life of Muslims as they also came under the rule of British.   The current research is qualitative in nature which is based upon descriptive and analytical approaches. This research is based upon both primary and secondary sources which includes books, memoirs, eBooks and articles. The main objective of this research work is to carried out the conditions of Muslims during Sikh rule and point out the circumstances which led towards the successful annexation of Punjab.

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