Methodology For Developing Tasks Similar To The Tasks Of The Pisa International Assessment Program In The Development Of Scientific Literacy Of Students

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Meliqo‘ziyev Dadaqo‘zi Juraqo‘ziyevich


This article discusses the methodology for developing tasks similar to those used in the PISA international assessment program for the development of science literacy among students in general education schools. To form in students a sense of confidence in the organization of the environment, to observe and analyze processes and phenomena in nature, to be able to use tools, means and methods in the study of natural phenomena, to be able to express terms, concepts, laws, quantities with mathematical formulas, achievements in the field of science, their development of a scientific worldview among students through practical application, respect for the creators of science and technology in the correct use of the achievements of science and technology for mankind in the future, careful preservation of the spiritual and cultural heritage, and the education in them of elements of universal culture were prepared on the basis of tables.

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