Social Media And Image Of Muslims In Contemporary Scenario: Critical Analysis

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Dr. Abdul Aleem , Abdullah Saghir Aasi , Rehmat Ullah Khan , Naseer Ahmed , Hafiz Muhammad Juned Zafar , Dr. Asjad Ali


Social media is unarguably a cosmic reality and a crucial part of our existence. In this 21st century, a time when technology is fast paced and improving daily, social media has become one of its far reaching and popular implications. It has become so relevant that anyone who is offline for too long is considered dead. Facebook claims to currently have 890 million daily users and over 2 billion monthly users. Among those daily users, 745 million, or 83.7 percent check the site every day via their mobile devices ( Nowadays, we find children of tender ages of 8, 10-varying with societies, using the latest phones and electrical gadgets. How could these children whose parents make most of their decisions know the most profitable way to use these devices? The benefits of social media cannot be waved away, but has it really done more harm than good? What are the attitudes of Muslims towards social media? Has it profited religion as a prominent part of human lives and helps strengthen the link with their creator or has it weaken them? How best can we curb its excesses and increase its profitability?

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