Political System In Islam And The Concept Of Governance In The State; An Analysis Of Caliphate As Islamic Model Of Political Affairs

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Dr. Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi , Dr. Sohail Akhtar , Dr. Aurangzeb , Abdullah Saghir Aasi , Ayesha Iqbal , Dr. Naseem Mahmood


Basically, the caliphate as a political system is an analytical study of a form of government. The main point of which is the mutual comparison of the political and democratic style of governance in Islam with the contemporary style of government.  how the caliphate as a government is a complete system of public welfare and improvement and problem solving. The Holy Quran indicates the establishment of the Caliphate, according to which the Caliph is the vicegerent of God on earth and his main responsibility is to establish the sovereignty of God. This research article provides an explanation of the basic nature, objectives and duties of the caliphate and an analysis of the caliphate as a political system and highlights the basic concept of the caliphate.

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