Influential Factors In The English’s Teaching And Learning Processes In University Students

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Karen Lizeth Olivero Romero , Julio Anderson Álvarez Month , Alberto Jesús Iriarte Pupo


This article presents the results of an investigation whose purpose was to establish the relationship between the attitude and motivation of undergraduate students at the University of Sucre, with respect to academic performance in the area of ​​English. The methodology used was to correlate, its purpose was to evaluate from a sociocultural perspective, non-linguistic aspects related to the interest and motivation of students towards learning a language. The target population was the students who were studying levels of English in a total of 86 courses, with a student population of 1800 students. The type of sampling was probabilistic by conglomerate, attending to the population of each one of the existing levels and the selection of the subjects of each one of the groups was done at random. In total, 262 students were selected. Among the results obtained, it stands out, with respect to the attitudes, the desire and the interest of the students towards learning English, that a part consider in general that learning English is important and manifest a positive appreciation towards the language, fact which when contrasted with other investigations, converges, given that individuals declare their desire to be competent in dissimilar areas of the language and learn more about it, thus denoting a positive appreciation towards their learning.

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