Tauḥīd As An Endorsement Of Islamic Morality: An Analytical Study Of Burhan Aḥmad Fārūqī’s Thoughts

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Dr. Muhammad Riaz , Ahsan Ul Haq , Syed Toqeer Abbas , Naimullah


Religions of the world are recognized, judged and valued by the system of morality they deliver to their followers and believers, and the system of morality in itself would be ranked through the driving force or sanctity behind it. As far as codes of conduct are concerned, different religions have different commanding and controlling authorities for this purpose. In all religions, physical and spiritual purity and piety had been the main objectives and taken as the basic and natural requirement of human being since the commencement of human life on the planet. But, the question arises as which is the religion to provide a code of conduct to meet all the requirements? Burhān Aḥmad Fārūqī (1905-1996) with his peculiar moral philosophy played a vital role to assure the Muslims about the originality of their morality derived from the holy Qurān. Only Islamic morality provides man with chastity and modesty, and through these characteristics he can reach the destination of exalted purification. According to Fārūqī the endorsement after this lofty morality is the exclusive belief of Islam; the Oneness of Allah Al-Mighty (Tauḥīd). This article presented an analytical study of his concept of sanctity of morality that is based on Tauḥīd.

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