Satisfaction Of The Patient With Healthcare Services

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Usman Ghani Farooqi , Fahad Ahmed Khan , Rakhel Tabassum , Sadia Shafiq , Syeda Rukshinda Mahmood , Ambreen , Syed Abdul Aleem Shah , Aleem Anwar , Aamir Nasruddin Khalfan , Husnain Ali , Muhammad


The perceived quality of healthcare services and patient satisfaction are two essential health indicators for evaluating the efficacy of the healthcare system. The patient is the centre of the healthcare system's quality agenda because satisfying the patient's needs and respecting recognized medical standards are crucial to delivering high-quality medical treatment. The patient's perceived need, his expectations of the healthcare system, and his experience with the healthcare system all play a role in the relative phenomena known as patient satisfaction. Analyse doctor-patient interactions and the state of all medical facilities; gauge how satisfied patients are with OPD services. A descriptive study was undertaken at healthcare departments in Karachi. A sample of 173 patients was chosen using a method of systematic random sampling. Patients were questioned and information was gathered using a questionnaire that had been pretested. (65.9%) Patients were pleased and satisfied with the doctors and staff who provide attention and listen carefully to the patients. Most patients, (91.7%), indicated that they would return to the facility. Patients were ready to return to the hospital since they were really pleased with their doctors and staff.

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