Ornela Vorpsi, an interesting way of making literature

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Dr. Markeliana Anastasi


Albanian literature after the 90s  has had significant changes. A new element of it, is the literature written by authors who emigrated to different countries of the world. The uniqueness of this literature stands in the fact that these writers choose the language of the host country to write their works. Of course, the motives are diverse. The case of Ornela Vorpsi also belongs to this typology of literature. Born and raised in Tirana, she reflects in the entire work, parts that connect her physically and spiritually to this city. Her books written in Italian have often been awarded important literary prizes, thanks to the characteristics they contain, the fragmented composition, and the style very close to surrealism; and  her own  formation in modern arts, leads in this direction. The stories are connected to each other with the cadavre exquis technique, based on coincidence and chorality; coincidence as they are the stories that she knows, corrality as all the stories together present Albania in the 90s, a country that seeks to shape itself   among many difficulties facing an unknown world. She follows the procedure of "automatic writing" according to which the style immediately corresponds to the flow of thought and image, which is accurately transferred to paper. Her books have been translated into eighteen languages.  She has been reported among the 35 best European writers in the anthology Best European Fiction[1]

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