Challenges Met By The Ispsc-Cte In The Use Of E-Learning Materials In The New Normal Education

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Lito W. Binay-an, Imelda Binay-an, Larry Mostoles . Joewe M. Tablada


This study investigated the challenges or problems in using e-Learning Materials in the new normal education from the ISPSC-CTE students and parents of Tagudin Campus for the School Year 2021-2022.

Specifically, it answered the following sub-problems: What is the profile of the ISPSC-CTE students of Tagudin Campus in terms of age, sex, course, year level, and family monthly income?  What are the different platforms or modalities used by teachers in teaching their students during this new normal education? What communication devices or learning gadgets do teachers and students use during this new normal education? What are the common problems or challenges met by the teachers and students in the New Normal Education, particularly in using e-learning materials?

The following were disclosed: The student-respondents are a blend of different or varied personal profiles. It can be proven once again that teaching is a feminine world, the females dominated the number of males with 77.78 percent or a total of 301 out of 87 rspondents.Majority were from the lower years from age range of 20-21 years or 52.97 percent. This can be due to the reason that they were those who felt the need for internet connection assistance because they started college during a pandemic period. Further, the table reflects that most of the students had families with less than Php 10,000 family monthly income with a total of 290 students or 74.94 percent. This can be one of the reasons why the parents can not afford  to support the internet connectivity expenses of their children. The instructors of ISPSC-CTE Tagudin Campus are using blended learning with the use of online softcopies coupled with hardcopies and through google meet. As to communication devices, majority of the instructors are patronizing the use of the google classroom and group chat. Several students are experiencing slow internet connectivity in their respective barangays or localities.

The following are highly recommended: Resolve the problem on slow internet connectivity by establishing a Community Satellite Wifi Station on the different LGU's as service areas of the ISPSC, Tagudin Campus. This can be accessed by students of the whole campus who experience the said problem. The campus can come up with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the concerned LGU's in terms of financial sharing. Monitor and evaluate the project in terms of its accessibility and serviceability.

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