Tort Liability Of Humanoid Robots' Damages A Comparative Study Between Civil Law And Rulings Of Islamic Jurisprudence

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Dr. Mohamed Hamdan Abdeen Asran


The robot (Humanoid Robot) is most notably outstanding feature of artificial intelligence. It has been used into several areas such as civil and customer service, medicine, industry, education, home and military service, and others, which raises many legal issues and obstacles, including but not limited to defining the concept of a robot, the extent of its legal personality, legal responsibility and legitimate basis that a robot  liability can be established, represented in the theory of faulty products, theory of human representative liable for damages caused by robots, theory of guarding objects liability, and the theory of legal certainty of the Master on the work of his /her subordinates (Master-slave basis), as well as evaluating these theories, and Islamic jurisprudence point of view on that liability. Finally, the study followed by a conclusion that includes key findings and proposals.

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