Impacts Of Prophet’s Defensive Rules (For The Safety Of Human Rights) On Modern Era

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Dr. Maria Wahid , Dr. Syeda Khizra Seamab Bukhari , Dr. Barkat Ullah Khan Qureshi , Dr. Abdul Rehman Khan , Dr. Usma Anser , Dr. Rizwana Kousar


Aggressiveness is totally natural thing in living beings. While, God bestowed each of them a special limb for protection against aggression. To man, He gave the ability to think and the hands to prepare the ground for making things under control (with special terms and conditions polished by ethics) case different in animals for their defense [[1]] Holly prophet's teachings told us to deal each and every matter with ethics, even in fight restrictions are there to follow basic rules, rules about the respect of humanity which are according to the God's instructions. Society can't survive without rules it, As the universe is bound for its movement which is beneficial hub for living being same as the beneficiaries are also bound to follow the restrict rules of ethics ,these rules not just were told but demonstrated and bestowed with the good news of high ranks of followers before God in both worlds. Modern era seems more materialistic as compare to ethical, but the reality is that survival of humanity is hidden in respect of humanity by fixed universal defensive rules polished by justice.

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