Health Impacts Of Flood Disasters: An Evidence From Pakistan

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Nabeela Farah , Saira Siddiqui , Saima Afzal , Muhammad Imran Khan , Anam Afzal


Climate creates tumultuous environmental conditions with dire health outcomes. Every year, floods and harsh weather conditions lead to significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Floods increase mortality rates and pose challenges to the health of survivors. This study seeks to determine the vulnerability and health impacts of these catastrophic floods by analyzing injury, mortality, and illness patterns. Our systematic review of 30 research articles evaluated health sector conditions during floods and extreme weather events. The findings show a significant impact of flooding on human health. The study found immediate impacts from flooding are usually due to injuries, infections, and disruption to health services. Floods heightened the risk of disease outbreaks, including fever, dengue, pink eye, hepatitis E, leptospirosis, and gastrointestinal illness, particularly in unsanitary and displaced populations. A recent systematic review concluded that the physical illness of flood survivors is often compounded by psychological distress and mental health issues. To address the effects of flooding on human health in a sustainable manner, this study suggests new policy measures that will improve the efficacy of the existing flood coping techniques.

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