A Case Study On Women’s Economic Empowerment During A Crisis: Can COVID-19 Be A Turning Point?

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Saira Maqbool , Dr. Qaisara Parveen , Prof. Dr. Taiga Brahm & Humna


COVID-19 has developed into a global calamity. This Pandemic has impacted the global and family economies, particularly female informal sector entrepreneurs. The review takes on a case study strategy, to investigate the outcome of (COVID-19) on females ' pioneering exercises and difficulties in females' strengthening. Three female Entrepreneurs were chosen, and semi-organized interviews were directed under a contextual investigation research plan. This gives a contemporary perspective on the issues seen by female business visionaries in a time of enormous social and monetary commotion. This study points to explore the effect related to (COVID-19) lockdown on small and medium trades claimed through female mortgagors of micro-finance establishments plus, to give strategy ideas to help female business people. This study is about how small business owners should limit financial emergencies' effect on their workers and clients and embrace various methodologies in the hours of an emergency. Using a qualitative research method, the Researcher will conduct a case study of entrepreneurs who adopt different strategies and tactics to survive their small home-based businesses. Through semi–structured interview researcher tries to reveal how entrepreneurs survive the Pandemic. This study also draws some practical suggestions regarding the survival of small and medium businesses. The outcomes provide meaningful experiences into what the COVID-19 trouble meant for female business visionaries by thinking about family pay, business deals, way of life, and psychological wellness.

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