Peace: A Conceptual Understanding

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Dr. Ghulam Mustafa , Dr. Unsa Jamshed , Sarfraz Nawaz , Muhammad Arslan , Tooba Ahmad


The absence of violent conflict and the presence of respect and understanding between people and communities are the two characteristics that define peace. Negotiation, compromise, and cooperation among groups with different interests and viewpoints are frequently necessary to bring about peace. The advancement of human rights, social justice, and sustainable development are all dependent on the pursuit of peace. Although achieving permanent peace is a difficult and varied process, it can be aided by a number of strategies, including diplomacy, mediation, conflict resolution, and the encouragement of communication and reconciliation. In the end, peace is a basic human ambition that calls for constant dedication and work from all people and societies. This secondary data base research, elucidates the concept of peace and ways to attain peace in a violence based world.

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