Christian Participation In Politics: A Case Study Of Punjab In Pakistan

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Tooba Ahmad , Tayaba Anwar , Dr. Ghulam Mustafa , Sarfraz Nawaz , Mehwish Aslam


During the creation of Pakistan, Christians of the Sub-Continent supported the efforts of Quaid-e-Azam for new state, and also played very important role in the first assemblies of the state. But after some time of independence important part of the state’s population become marginalized. During the constitution making process Pakistan chose to follow the Islamic principles and polity and that changed the status of Non-Muslims of the state into Religious Minority and later minority become marginalized group of people. Even though every constitution of the state theoretically gives equal rights to every citizen, including all types of the minorities’ but in practicality society tend to become homogeneous and promotes majoritarianism in the state. As a result religious minorities especially Christians are facing issues of securing fundamental rights due to majoritarianism, structural violence, identity issues, and issues in civil liberty. And all these proposed variables effecting the political rights of Christian population which are 1.59 % of the total population of the state. This study will try to find the political rights of Christian minority in Pakistan since 1973 and also focus the gap of theory and practice of constitutional rights in the state.

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