Employees' Cyber Loafing And Performance In The Telecom Sector Of Pakistan: The Mediating Role Of Psychological Well-Being And The Moderating Role Of Internal Locus Of Control

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Dr. Adeeba Khan , Dr. Naveed (Corresponding author) , Dr. Faryal Raheem , Dr. Faisal Sheraz , Shah Hussain Awan


The internet is frequently used in the telecom sector to streamline internal processes and offer real-time services. Conversely, employees in the telecommunications sector are authorized to partake in the act of "cyberloafing," which entails utilizing the internet for personal purposes while on the job. It is becoming more crucial to anticipate and manage those factors because cyberloafing is frequently thought to be hindering industry performance. Can employees' poor psychological well-being have an indirect impact on their performance as a result of their heavy internet usage? On the other hand, those who have a strong internal locus of control (moderator) can maintain their psychological health and enhance worker performance. Our hypotheses are supported by the findings of regression analyses based on three-wave data gathered from 355 telecom workers in Pakistan. This study contributes to understanding of mediating moderating mechanism and provides practitioners with novel approaches for curbing employee cyberloafing in the telecom sector.

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