A Diagnostic Investigation On Business Education Research Using Action Research

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Dr. Talha Zubair Ahmad Khan , Dr. Amina Rizwan , Dr. Salman Iqbal


Ever changing environmental conditions, market conditions, consumer preferences, and economic conditions from around the world indicates cues associated with the phenomenon of dynamism. Take for example, the new nationalism movement from across the world (Nationalism, 2016), the global warming (Root et al., 2003), technological uncertainty, changing economic conditions, just to name a few. Of course, it would be imprudent to leave out the consequences of such forms of dynamism on the learning outcome criteria for students, more specifically, for the students of business studies. It is evident that changing business environment has put more pressure on the business schools to change their strategic orientation as compared to any other branch of academia (Friga, Bettis, & Sullivan, 2003). Similarly, the demanding requirements of business graduates to incorporate advance level of relevant content knowledge and skills has also increased.

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