Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Towards The Islamic World: An Analysis

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Tooba Ahmad , Umer Yaqoob , Dr. Imran Khan , Abdul waheed , Dr. Ghulam Mustafa


The majority population of Pakistan is Muslim, and Pakistan claims that Pakistan is the Islamic Republic. That’s why an article in the chapter of Public Policy of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 says that Pakistan will maintain its relationship with Muslim Ummah and establish peace for the Muslim community. The determinant of Pakistan’s foreign policy also moves around the building relationship with the Muslim world. The following article evaluates and discusses the relationship of Pakistan with the Muslim states and their leadership. Although the Muslim world consists of almost 57 states, this article mainly deals with Saudia Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, UAE and Central Asia. The article discusses the historical relationship status and evaluates the current relationship of the states mentioned above with Pakistan.

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