Linkage Between Energy Security And Foreign Policy Options: Way Forward For Pakistan

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Dr. Mubeen Adnan , Adeel Mukhtar , Muhammad Asif


Energy security is central to Pakistan’s economic progress which in turns ensures domestic stability. Since last few years, country is facing serious challenges at this front. The gap between supply and demand is estimated to increase to 3,999 million cubic feet per day during FY 2019-20 and 6,611 million cubic feet per day by FY 2029-30, if gas imports be shunned. Regional environment along with Pakistan’s understanding of its security is crucial to the Pakistan’s energy security and hence need critical evaluation. To this end, this paper delves into understanding energy security in South and Central Asia in congruence with prospects and challenges for Pakistan’s foreign policy. To this end, the study firstly investigates Pakistan’s energy mix and its reliance over imports to meet its energy demands. Secondly, it explores regional environment and constraints and opportunities available to Pakistan to secure its energy needs. Finally, it suggests possible policy measures to mitigate challenges faced by energy sector and foreign policy.

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