Multivariate Analysis Of Education And Innovation Sdgs Indicators In The World

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Julio Álvarez Month , Edith Johana Medina Hernández , Karen Olivero Romero


This study analyzes education and innovation as conditions for sustainable development. The variations and covariations observed between 8 indicators reported by 109 nations in the 2022 Sustainability Report are studied through the DUAL STATIS multivariate technique, from which it is possible to interpret the data according to 3 ways of analysis: the indicators, the countries, and their income levels. The analyzes carried out show that as the income level of the countries increases, better scores are observed in the indicators of interest. Despite that, in all income levels, there are nations with challenges and opportunities for favoring the educational conditions of the population and public spending on education and development. It is concluded that the incidence of the income level of the countries in the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda goals makes evident the gap between countries with low- and high-income levels. Therefore, it is necessary to continue working on formulating public policies that reduce inequities in access to quality education and promote innovation among developing nations.

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