Reading Habits And Communication Skills In Elementary Education During The Pandemic

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Danitza Luisa Sardón Ari , Edgar Jael Paucar Pancca , Zezy Yadeyda Sardon Ari , Karen Zulma Ortega Gallegos , José Antonio Mamani Gomez


In Peru, there is an arduous task to improve the development of communication skills, especially during the pandemic, in order to reverse the CMU figures. Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine the relationship between reading habits and communication skills in students in the sixth grade of primary education (Puno). The methodology was basic, correlational, non-experimental, cross-sectional design. A documentary analysis guide and a reading habits questionnaire were applied to 71 students. The results indicated a regular level in reading habits (91.5%), and a very good level (73.2%) in the development of competencies. There is a positive relationship between reading habits and oral expression competence (Rho=0.801), reading comprehension (Rho= 0.739) and text production (Rho = 0.733). In conclusion, a direct and significant relationship was demonstrated between reading habits and competencies in the area of communication (Spearman's Rho 0.828). The promotion of these habits is positively associated with the strengthening of competencies in the area of communication, allowing the production of pertinent texts, with adequate levels of reading comprehension and better levels of oral expression.

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