A Research Study On Huzaḭfah Bin Al-Yamản: A Scholar Of Trials And Afflictions

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Muhammad Ayub , Dr. Muhammad Tahir , Dr. Muhammad Kamran


The Holy Prophet (SAW) has described in detail all the tribulations and events leading up to the Day of Judgment. According to Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhảrḭ in his renewed book Sahih-ul-Bukhảrḭ that the Holy Prophet (SAW) said presented in a special sermon his companions all the events of tribulations and Afflictions and he remember all that events.

The word Fitna is a comprehensive Arabic word which means literally to extract the gold from fire, wipe it from waste materials and pure it through the specific process of jeweler. This word can apply on fire, war, tribulation, trial, affliction according to different verses and many Ahảdith.

The Huzaḭfah (RA) are scholar of Ilm-ul-Fitan or the knowledge of trials and tribulations. He knows how the fitna attack on the human heart and how human heart get affected from trials and afflictions. He knows all the dissemblers by their name, father name and even tries.

Therefore, in this research paper, I write that Huzaḭfah (RA) is a scholar and expert of the tribulations and Afflictions as narrated by Huzaḭfah (RA) different junctures. This research paper consists of three main topics. First all the narrations of Huzaḭfah (RA) about the afflictions and trials are mentioned with briefly intro of Huzaḭfah (RA), second role and contributions of Huzaifah (RA) in trials and tribulations and the third is conclusion. Reference and citations given at the end.

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