An Exploratory Study To Identify The Public Support And Survivability Of Women’s Entrepreneurship In Rural-Urban Context

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Sana Anwar , Dr Muhammad Azeem Ahmad


With the passage of time, the public support and survivability of women’s entrepreneurship platform has become a challenge for Pakistani women. In this investigation, the researcher aims to find the impact of public support and challenges faced by women on women entrepreneurship. For this purpose, this investigation adopted mixed method approach for conducting this investigation. For quantitative findings this study conducted a survey with 200 women of Pakistan and inquired whether public support is there for them or not. While for qualitative method, this study adopted critical review approach. For quantitative purpose, a 5-point Likert scale questionnaire was used to report the results. The SPSS software was used for running regression and correlation analysis. While for qualitative analysis, this study adopted critical review approach to compare the findings with quantitative results. The results obtained show that both the public support and opportunities for women entrepreneurship are absent in Pakistan and most of the women face issues in doing their own business. Due to this reason, public support needs to be strengthened and women should be given more opportunities and support for entrepreneurship.

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