Ethnicity In Baloch Community, Problematic Element Of National Integration In Pakistan: A Tism Analysis

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Dr. Shamila Tabssum , Dr. Ghulam Mustafa , Dr. Bilal Bin Liaqat , Mehwish Aslam , Bashir Hussain Shah


Pakistan is a country having various ethnic diversities. Ethnicity exists only in a political society consisting on diverse factions, categorized by mutual consciousness of oneness in a bond. This research work will highlight the concept of ethnicity in Balochistan. Process of national integration can be secured when ethnic groups identities would be given adequate representation according to the constitution to decide their future themselves and opportunities to flourish their specific cultural identity. Since 1947 Baloch have been facing different types of deprivations and this sense of deprivation among them creates hatred feelings against government as well as other provinces. The methodology of the study is based on Total Interpretive Structural Model (TISM). In TISM graphical model represent the hierarchy or relationship among the variables. It also helps to precise the conceptualization in theory building and analyze the big data.  In TISM expert opinion has been used to fill the questionnaires.

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