The Role Of Dyslexia On Self-Esteem And Aggression Of Primary And Secondary School Children

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Dr. Wajiha Yasir , Muhammad Iqbal , Bakht Jamal , Naveed Ahmad Taseer , Atika Maqsood , Prof .Dr Farhana Kazmi


The current study was carried out to investigate the role of Dyslexia on Self esteem and Aggression. The sample size was 56 primary and secondary school children among which 28 were Dyslexic and 28 were non dyslexic. Three scales were used (Anger Expression Scale for Children (stelee et.al2009), Kid-kindal Quality of life scale (Sieberer & Bullinger 2000)

 and Dyslexia Assessment scale (From Davis Dyslexia Association International) to collect the data. The findings revealed that level of trait anger is high among Dyslexic primary school children than non dyslexic. The level of self-esteem was found to be low in dyslexic children than non dyslexic children. The findings suggested that the level of anger expression is higher in dyslexic children, while the level of anger control and anger in is found to be higher in non dyslexic children than dyslexic primary school children.

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