Implementation Of Single National Curriculum At Primary Level: Problems And Practices In District Khushab

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Dr. Sayida Asma Dilshad , Dr. Rehmat Shah , Dr. Nazir Ahmad


Having little education is detrimental for a nation. To educate the nation a single national curriculum is designed by the Government of Pakistan. Before implementation of SNC diverse curriculum were taught in different schools. Here the objective of the study is to find out the level of implementation of SNC in private schools of district Khushab. Another objective is to find out the problems faced by teachers and administrators to implement SNC. The sample of the study was 40 private Pre-School teachers and 10 Administrators of schools of District Khushab. Results show that SNC was implemented in Schools up to 90%. Teachers and administrators were facing problems to teach. There were many reasons. The major finding was the implementation of SNC may even encounter resistance at that level from certain other educational systems as the real issue emerges at the grassroots level when capacity, motivation, readiness, and access to logistical and material resources are inadequate. The last objective was to suggest some solutions, major solution is to t would be preferable to start capacity-building programmers for teachers, principals, administrators, and parents at the provincial and district levels prior to adopting the SNC in order to properly orient them to SNC dynamics.

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